Save 15%. Book Direct On this Website
Save 15%. Book Direct On this Website

Hey Hey Hey. Hi there! Its me Jimbo.

I'm that good looking bleach-blond poodle in the snap shot with the cool sunglasses and colorful collar. I just lova lova being in the golden sun, swimming in the pool and hanging out in Miami Beach. Yes siree, I am in the bright sunshine of Miami.

And that other black guy poodle? His name is Arty. A right good guy, he loves the pool too. Just between us guys, he's not the smartest dog on the log, but I like him all the same and so would you. A party guy all the way.

Art and I just love to go on vacation. And it’s the best when we get to stay in a vacation rental condo, cabin, villa or house that loves guys like us. And this here website has them all over the dog gone globe.

Some folks call them "Pet Friendly" but I really like it when you call them "Friendly Pet" rentals instead. Because you know that is really what it is. Keep the Pet Friendly and you get Friendly pets.

So go ahead an rent one of this nifty Pet Friendly vacation rentals. You'll be glad you did and so will your friendly pet. Tell them Jimbo and Arty sent you.

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